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March Newsletter


Thank you to those who participated in our most recent fundraiser for the JMS scholarship fund! We are grateful for each one of you. The Facebook Live drawing took place Thursday at 4:15, and the winners were David Jacobs, Lila Martin, and Ruth Schaller.

JMS Suzuki Summer Institute Application Deadline: March 31

JMS Scholarships for Suzuki Summer Institutes will be chosen April 1 and awarded at the April 9 “Symphony Comes to Group Class” Day (All instruments meet 5-6pm at Calvary, to replace regularly scheduled group classes). Applications are available for download under the Current Students tab on the Javaux Music School website.

Symphony Comes to Group Class: April 9

Parents and students of ALL INSTRUMENTS please plan to attend a joint group class on Monday, April 9, 5:00-600 p.m. at Calvary Baptist Church 1825 State Street.

Agenda for Symphony Comes to Group Class Day:

  1. The Quincy Symphony Orchestra is performing Gustav Holst’s The Planets on their April 21 Spring Concert, and Symphony manager Jane Polett is visiting our group class to teach us about the piece and help us get excited about the concert! She will use videos and recordings to give us a sneak peak of the music being played on the concert, and there will also be a drawing for free symphony tickets.

  2. Recital Rehearsal Sign up sheets: all instruments sign up for your rehearsal time for the May 11/12 Solo Spring Recitals.

  3. Instructions and information about the Solo Spring Recitals

  4. Summer Lesson Sign up: summer lesson schedules are by the week and are first come first serve-bring your calendars!

Parents as Partners

If you registered for this wonderful parent education activity please make sure you have logged in online, and know how to access the videos. You can also subscribe to the podcasts to be downloaded automatically to your phone-see the instruction email mailed out last month, or ask your teacher for help. If you haven’t started watching them start soon! They will be available to you online through October 15.

Book Recitals

Several students are busy planning and preparing for Book Graduation Recitals. If your child has completed a Suzuki book it is time to consider how you will celebrate this great accomplishment! Talk with your teacher at lessons, and don’t forget the recital option offered by Sarah Boren:

$150 for violin/cello recitals (venue+ accompanist+ reception)

$100 for piano/harp recitals (venue + reception, no accompanist necessary).

Summer Institutes

You have probably figured out we are believers in the power, fun, and motivation of Suzuki Summer Institutes! Go to the SAA website and check out the Events/Summer Institutes tab to see which Institute is the right fit for your family this summer. So far we have six students and two teachers going to Institutes this summer-come along with us!

“Javaux Music School” now a Registered Business Entity

JMS banking has upgraded our banking to receive checks written to our school. Write checks directly to the Javaux Music School for the following:

  • Registration fees

  • T-Shirt sales

  • Scholarship fund donations

Tuition checks are still written directly to your teacher.

100 day Club

Have you completed 100 days in a row of practice this year? If so, we want to know about it! Turn in your counting chart to your teacher, and you will be invited to a special 100 Day Club Party hosted by your teacher.

QSO Raffle Tickets

Would you like to win $1,000 cash, 2 tickets to Hamilton in Chicago, 2 tickets on SkyWest, or 2 QSO season tickets? Raffle tickets are $10 each and can be purchased from Quincy Symphony Orchestra member Stephanie Javaux! The deadline for purchasing raffle tickets is April 20.

Solo Recital Weekend May 11/12

Solo Spring Recitals will be:

Friday May 11 at 7pm

Saturday May 12 at 10am

Saturday May 12 at 1pm

Our goal is to have a good balance of instruments and ages at each recital, so your flexibility is appreciated! We are working on the recital assignments and will have them out by April 9. If you do have extenuating circumstances and need a specific recital time, please let your teacher know right away.

Bring: yourself, friends and family, and a snack to share for the reception

Wear: Sunday or Picture-Day best (No jeans or tennis shoes)!

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