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The Suzuki Approach


The Suzuki approach, based on the Mother Tongue Method, differs from traditional methods of teaching instrumental music. Because the students typically begin instruction at a very early age, parent participation is essential. Listening, Repetition, and repertoire review are also key parts of the Suzuki talent education method.

Private Lessons


One parent attends all music lessons and works with the student at home. While independent practice and internal motivation is the eventual goal, parent involvement in the beginning years is critical. Suzuki teachers strive to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and understanding in lessons. When working with children Dr. Suzuki says we must come "down to their physical limitations and up to their sense of wonder and awe."

Group Classes


In addition to private lessons, group classes are valuable aids to motivation. Children learn from advanced students, peers, and the teacher. The group class model is based on the Suzuki philosphy that children love to do what they see other children do.

River Strings

River Strings is the Javaux Music School's advanced violin performance group, established in fall of 2017. River Strings exists to promote high levels of playing among advanced violin students, to provide additional ensemble experience, and to provide performance opportunities for Quincy violin students.


Stephanie Javaux 

Founder’s Notes 


When I had my children, I determined that music lessons would be as important as feeding and clothing them! I felt this way because I knew that music training would develop character and intellectual strength. It would also create beauty in their lives and give them beauty to share with others. This is why I teach music lessons today, and it is my joy to share this experience with my grown children.

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