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September 2017 All-School Newsletter


Welcome to a new school year and many musical experiences to come this year! The faculty at Javaux Music School is so pleased you have committed to join us on this journey. We are grateful for each and every family. Registration Day, Our school picnic, faculty recital, and Reck Violin Day have all been a great success.


Our website is your best friend this year. Please check it whenever you have a question about lessons, group classes, or events, or locations of any of those things. We work hard to keep it up to date with all the info you need.

Group Classes

Throughout our years of being student, parent, and teacher, we place an extremely high value on group classes. This is your student’s best source for motivation, ensemble skills, peer group, and the joy that comes from their music. We also use group class to rehearse and prepare for upcoming performances. These classes are offered at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you.

Violins to Perform at ArtFest September 16

Violin students, please be reviewing the repertoire list that has been sent out to prepare for this event. Groups on Sept. 11 will be very important prep for this.

Where: Quincy Art Center

When: arrive 2:15, play 2:30-3:15

Wear: your new JMS shirt OR the navy Quincy Strings Shirt, and jeans

Group Class Concert

EVERY INSTRUMENT will be represented at this concert! Students will perform in small groups. This event will be a fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund, by asking for donations to this fund as people enter the auditorium.

When: Monday, November 20, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Calvary Baptist Church, 1825 State Street

Wear: Khaki bottoms and navy tops (Suzuki Strings Polos are fine if you have them)

Students: arrive by 6:00 for tuning

New Scholarship Fund

All of our faculty members have been to Summer Institutes many times, as students and as teacher trainers. We believe in the long lasting and wonderful impact this has on students and teachers, and we want to help get our students there! Our goal is to raise money to send at least 3 JMS students to Institutes this coming summer. The selection of students will be based on an application and the student commitment to regular practice and participation. You can find out more information about this at

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