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March Violin Newsletter


Violin Studio

March Newsletter 2017

Parent Meetings March 27-30

The teaching parent will meet with me during your child’s lesson time. The student will not be present for this meeting. I look forward to making a plan for the best use of the last two months of the semester so that your child can benefit from these lessons and plan for recital and summer.

Twinkers Group Class

This week, March 29, those in my Twinklers group class will be celebrating with an oreo cookie party. Please bring a package of oreo cookies with you, any flavor!

Spring Recital, May 13

Spring Recital is a very important part of your child’s musical experience. Much can be learned preparing music to a high level and following through with a performance. It is also a benchmark for all that has been learned through out the school year.

  1. Students will choose a recital piece during their lesson in the first week of April.

  2. I will assign each student to one of the three recitals on that day (10:00a.m. 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.) and will work to have balance in length of each recital as well as a variety of instruments and levels of playing. If you have a definite conflict that needs to be worked around please let me know right away.

  3. Parents sign up to help with the reception that follows your child’s recital.

  4. Parents sign up for the rehearsal times needed with the accompanist, which will be during group class times May 3 and 10, and Friday May 12.

  5. Reminders for recitals: students dress in “Sunday Best” clothing of your choice. Invite friends and family to attend. You are welcome to attend any of the other recitals. Plan to stay for the entire recital, as this is respectful to all performers. Each recital will be no longer than 45 minutes.

Summer Lessons

I will be teaching summer lessons four weeks in June, two weeks in July, two weeks in August. It is very important that students take summer lessons to keep them on track, and much progress can be made because students have more free time to practice. Students are required to sign up for at least 4 summer lessons. Sign up will be open by mid April.

Book Recitals

Spring is a great time to plan a book recital. A number of students have completed books last summer or this school year and it is time to celebrate! Would you like a one-stop recital experience? You can now book a recital space seating up to 25 people, 2 hours of accompaniment rehearsal time, and a coffee/cookie reception, all held at our west campus, in a lovely historic home. See our website for details.

Music Day Camp Available

Sarah Javaux will be teaching summer day camps this summer for various levels of music reading experience. She will incorporate music history, and more.

It is open to any student interested, not just those taking private lessons at our school. More information will be coming soon.

Parents as Partners

If you signed up for this parent education opportunity, take time each week to view the videos. You are allowed to view past weeks and it is open well into the summer, so if you have fallen behind do not be discouraged, there is still plenty of time!

You as parents are a vital part of the Suzuki triangle, so please take advantage of this excellent parent training.

Fall Registration and Kick Off Picnic

We will be doing registration differently this year. You will be able to secure your fall lesson time in May as always, but you will not need to fill out registration forms and pay the registration fee until August. A date will be announced soon and you will be able to go to our west campus (1015 Kentucky) to register and obtain the school calendar along with other important information. We will also have a Kick Off Picnic for our school, including a picnic supper, play-in for students, faculty recital, and fun and friendship with many other Suzuki families.

Durbin Days Favorites

Durbin Days was such a great success in many ways and your participation may that possible! Thank you everyone for sacrificing your weekend so that all students could have this wonderful opportunity. Here are some student responses to questions about their favorite things about Durbin Days:

So many students commented on the fun they had in Terry Durbin’s classes, and how silly and fun he was. Some students mentioned the art classes or the fiddling classes as a highlight of the weekend. Others mentioned how much they enjoyed the play-in, lead by one of the teachers. And a number mentioned that they loved the concert on Saturday evening. What a great concert it was, and such an incredible inspiration to every student in attendance that night! All were thankful for the encore that he played as well.

100 Day Club

If your child has competed 100 days of continued practice this year, please let me know about it! Awards/Celebration will be planned soon and I don’t want to miss anyone. It is never too late to start this great practice motivation!

Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes are like Durbin Days, only for a week! Go to to find out more!

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