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January Newsletter

Thank you JMS families!

Thank you to each and every family for being a part of our school, and helping us celebrate a new milestone of reaching 60 students! We enjoyed all the parents who stopped by the open

House and helped us celebrate. Thank you students who performed live music at the event.

100 Day Club

January is a great time to start 100 days in a row of practice. See your teacher for charts and details. All students who complete the challenge will be invited to the party in May, which will be held at the Art Center. If you have already completed it add your name to your teacher’s list in their studio.

All School Concert

March 9, 2020, all instruments will participate in this concert.

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Place: Calvary Baptist Church

Wear: White tops, black bottoms (River Strings students wear uniforms)

Dress Rehearsal, Sunday, March 8 at Calvary Baptist Church

2:30 piano studens

2:45 Cello students

3:30 Violin students

Time to think about Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes are held across the country in many states, and the benefits to your student will last many months after they come home. Please consider taking your child to an institute! We at JMS believe in it so much that we have established a scholarship fund to help send our students. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship please download a copy from the website (in the current students tab, password twinkle) and turn it in to your teacher by April 1.

Past Scholarship winners: Charlie and Karlie Sparrow, Sadie Brown, Austin Mondon

Book Recital

Has your student completed a Suzuki book? Celebrate their accomplishment with a book recital! See your teacher for ideas and to get their help in planning and preparation. Sarah is available to play piano accompaniment, and also has an option to purchase the package deal of her playing, and using her teaching space for the recital. See details on the website under Faculty & Programs/Book a Recital Space.

JMS Website:

This website is for you! It has the complete year calendar, practice sheets, lesson schedules, and other documents to print, and more. Current Students tab asks for a password: twinkle

Stephen’s trips to Iowa City

Stephen, our cello instructor, has been traveling to Iowa City for over a year now, working on teacher training at the Preucil Music School. He is currently working on cello book 5 training. Every teacher in our school has Suzuki training and we are always working to do more to improve our skills as teachers. This is done at each teacher’s personal expense, because we believe in training so much! Congrats to Stephen for your work.

We are here for you!

As teachers we want the best for our students and families. If you are struggling with home practice or any other lesson related issues be sure to discuss them with your teacher. Sometimes just a conversation or brain storming brings better results. We’ve all been there as Suzuki students, parents, teachers, etc.

What does Registration Fee/Tuition cover?

You might wonder what all that money goes toward. Here are just some of the expenses the school pays out from registration fees and also from each teacher’s tuition fees:

Building rentals

Printing costs

Accompanist fees

Music purchases

Food for events

100 Day club party

Student gifts/awards


Teacher education

Music equipment

Supplies for Group Class

Suzuki Association membership fees

Website Yearly Expenses

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