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September 2019 Newsletter

ArtFest! Saturday, September 21

All participating students please arrive to the Art Center by 12:40p.m. for tuning and prep. Wear your JMS shirt, and bring some fans to listen to our groups play. I hope you can all stay after to enjoy the ArtFest activities, fun and food trucks.

100 Day Club

Now is a great time to start the 100 Day Club. You will be done by Christmas! This has proven beneficial to set regular practice in motion for the school year. See your teacher if you have questions. Don’t forget there is a big party planned in the spring for all who complete this.

Piano Studio News

October 28: performing at St. Vincent Home. We will play our November recital pieces and other review pieces for the residents. If you are able, please arrive 10 minutes before your normal group class time to be ready to play.

November 3: recital at Vermont Street Church in sanctuary, 4:00 p.m. Arrive by 3:45pm.

JMS Goes to the Symphony

Don’t miss the QSOA Disney Concert, September 29, 3:00 p.m. at the Junior High. Kids go FREE! Look for JMS families and sit together on the main floor, left side. After-Party Bon Fire at Stephen’s home, 2620 St Anthony Road. There is not a lot of parking so consider carpooling. Please sign up if you are planning to come. We could use more hotdogs and chocolate bars. Currently plan for 50.Everyone bring: chairs, roasting sticks if you have them, and a food item to share.

Signed up as of now:

Mays, drinks

Bickhaus, marshmallows

Percy, graham crackers

Magliocco, ketchup, mustard, relish

Sparrow, hot dogsSaha, Hershey bars

Dighe, ?

Weiss, buns, hotdogs

Schaller, drinks

Wayland, deviled eggs

Socks for Sale!

Scholarship fundraiser this year is crazy socks. Ordering will stay open until October 16, and will arrive in time for Christmas gifts. Children and Adult sizes available. Payment due when you pick up the socks in November.

Helpful Apps

Working on learning to read music? Try these apps to make it fun! Treble Cat and Bass Cat. Listen to a piece slower than performance speed with Anytune Pro+ which uses your iTunes music.

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