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August 2019 Newsletter

Registration Day

  • When: Monday August 19, 2-7pm (Open House, plan for 15 minutes)

  • Where: 2009 Hampshire St. (Sarah’s house)

  • Who: a parent of every student needs to attend. If you are not able to come, we will need to take time out of your first lesson to go over everything.

  • River Strings girls only need to be at registration day to be re-fitted/measured for uniforms. Bring yours with you! Even if you have not confirmed your participation in River Strings, please still come to have measurements taken.

  • Fees:

  • Tuition will not be collected at registration day-it will be due the first lesson of September.

  • Registration: $70 for the first student, $15 for each additional student in the family

  • River Strings: $40 per student (applicable to advanced violin students only)

  • Lesson materials & scholarship items available for purchase

Tuition Change

  • Tuition has remained at $90/$135 per month since 2015, and this year we are implementing a 5% increase to reflect cost of living increase:

  • 30 minute lesson from $90 to $94 per month

  • 45 minute lesson from $135 to $141 per month

  • New tuition fees will be in effect September 1. If this is a financial difficulty for you, please talk to your teacher about scholarship options.

Reck Violin Day

  • When: Monday August 26, 9:30-5:30

  • Where: 417 S. 14th St. in Quincy

  • Who: All string players are welcome to purchase instruments, have bows rehaired, and instruments repaired. Contact Jim Reck (319. 351. 8374) ahead of time to make sure he comes prepared.

Parent Meeting

  • When: Monday August 26, 6-7pm

  • Where: Vermont St. United Methodist, 8th & Vermont in Quincy. Enter through the lower east parking lot door.

  • Who: one or both parents need to attend.

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