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December Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter

Javaux Violin Studio

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Remember, Christmas break can be a great time to get extra practicing in, and kids usually get more sleep and can practice early in the day……take advantage of this!

Durban Days Registration

Registration is now open online. Use the password sent out earlier, and follow directions for registration and payment. Plans are coming together for this event and it will be wonderful! Do invite friends and family to the closing concert.

Advanced Group Class

Students in the last group class, 4:45-5:30 will have a great opportunity in January and February. Sarah Javaux will be teaching a music theory class. This is a pilot program for our school, and she hopes to offer it to the public for a tuition fee. You will receive this for free as part of our group class. Those who attend all classes will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for the second level class, to be offered in the future.

Website and Facebook Page

You will find more and more information on the website, so if you are unsure of schedules, etc. please check the website first. It is very likely the fastest way to get the information you need.

The facebook page is a fun way to connect with faculty and other families, so check out the page, “like” it, and enjoy. We are careful not to list names of students, and are also checking with you before we re-post something from your page.

Book Recitals/100 Day Club

Book Recitals encourage students to perform pieces to a high level, and help them celebrate the special accomplishment of finishing a book. These recitals can be as informal or fancy as you desire. If the whole book is too much, share a recital with another student.

100 Day Club is a built in motivator to practice every day. The question of whether or not to practice is eliminated, and good habits of practice are developed. There is at least one student working on his/her 200 straight days of practice!

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