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November News

Successful Concert

Thank you each and every student and parents for your part in our wonderfully successful concert. Your diligence in practice, group classes, and rehearsals paid off and gave each student a very special opportunity to play with 50 violinists. You looked great, and sounded amazing!

Faculty Concert

Sarah Javaux will be giving a solo harp recital on Sunday, November 27, 2016, at 4:00p.m. The concert will be at Calvary Baptist Church. Please come and bring some friends! She will be playing a large variety of styles in music, from long ago to modern pieces. It will be about an hour in length and a great concert for children.

Group Classes

Some reminders about group classes:

  1. Regular attendance is a huge benefit to the long-term growth of your student as a musician. There are many skills developed in group class that cannot be duplicated in private lessons, and the group motivation is vital to each student.

  2. Parent attendance is definitely the preferred experience and very beneficial to recognizing skills to be worked on at home, awareness of new skills being taught, evaluating review needs and behavior choices of your student. That said, I recognize that you as parents are juggling many things, and I am grateful for your student’s attendance even when you cannot be there. Students in Junior High and up are very capable of attending and gaining what they need by themselves, so parent involvement is less necessary but parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend. I am also happy to see grandparents stepping in to help. I just ask that when possible a parent is attending, listening, and taking notes for children. If you are able to stay for group, you should be present in the room and aware of what your student is learning and doing.

  3. Remind all family members in the building to stay in the two classrooms that we use, and use restrooms in either hallway close by our rooms.

  4. Check the school website for the calendar of when we do and do not have group classes. There are weeks we take off in the next two months so stay alert.

Blessing Hospital Playing opportunity: Wednesday, Dec. 21, 11:45-1:00p.m.

If your students would like to participate in this event please sign up in the studio this week. This event does not include my four Twinkler students. Next year!

Wear our Blue Shirts and Kakis.

The first 30 minutes: we will play book 1 & 2 pieces and easy Christmas songs.

The last 30 minutes: Advanced students will play Christmas music and concert rep.

Facebook Page/Website

Be sure to “like” our facebook page, so that you see fun updates, pictures, etc. about our school. The website is becoming more useful to you and will continue to have more information on it for students and families.

Durbin Days

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this event! It is coming together well, and promises to be a very special educational event four Suzuki violinists. All students will benefit, including the most advanced students. Terry Durbin is an exceptional person, instructor, performer and motivator. Registration for this event opens January 1.

Book Graduation Recitals

Now that our big concert is done it is the perfect time to work on putting together a book graduation recital. One student has completed one this fall, and more are busy practicing and preparing for this right now. If your student is ready for this and you are unsure about the details, please ask me about this and I can help you make a plan that fits your student and family.

100 Day Club

I am currently on day 84 of the 100 day club. Students, are you with me? It is never too late to start, or start over. The best thing about the 100 day club is it takes the “discussion” out of practice, and the result is more consistent practice. And practice makes easy!!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a great time to give your children gifts that will enhance their violin experience. Here are a few ideas: new rosin, name tags for cases, CDs of master violinists and classical music, new music at their reading level just for fun, a violin hanger for your wall, a new music stand, a counter, tuner, metronome, etc.

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